Here is a list of items you can get from multiplayer adventure mode. Most of these items are useless on thier own but can be sold for money at their approprate building or Npc or exchanged for cards. Some of these items listed here are required to make buildings on the world map.

(Please replace images with numbers on them with singles when possible.)

Image Item Name Item Type Selling price Additional Information
Air crystal Air Crystal Elemental Item 20
Almond Muffin Food 5
Apple Apple Food 5
Appleturnover Apple Turnover Food 5
Untitled Apprentice Gauntlet Elemental Item 50
Banananutmuffin Banana Nut Muffin Food 5
Battle Axe Armament
Blessed water Blessed Water Sacred Item 20
Blueberry Muffin Food 5
Bone Bone Monster Part 5
Boots of Buoyancy Boots of Buoyancy Elemental Item 30
Bronze statue Bronze Statue Treasure 10 Obtainable from Belagras .
Bronze vase

Bronze Vase

Treasure 8 Obtainable from Belagras .
Cape of Flight Cape of Flight Elemental Item 40
Carapace Monster Part 200 Uncommon
Chocolate bar Chocolate Bar Food 5
Chocolate Muffin Chocolate Muffin Food 5
Claw Claw Monster Part 5
Club Club Armament 50
Copper Ore Copper Ore Ore 2
Cotton Cotton Plant 5
Cursed gauntlet Cursed Gauntlet Evil Item 75
Cursed power Cursed Powder Evil Item 25 Obtainable from Belagras .
Dark crystal Dark Crystal Evil Item 20

Obtainable from Belagras .

Required by: Dark Shrine

Dead branch Dead Branch Evil Item 5
Demon Heart Demon Heart Monster Part 100 Rare drop.
Diamond Ring Treasure 1500 Rare drop.
Dragon scale Dragon Scale Monster Part 100 Rare drop.
Druid Staff Druid Staff Elemental Item 70
Earth crystal Earth Crystal Elemental Item 20 Obtainable from belagras .
Elderwood Elder Wood Wood 50
Emerald Bracelet Emerald Bracelet


500 Uncommon drop.
Enchantment scroll Enchantment Scroll Elemental Item 40
Feather Feather

Monster Part

Fire crystal Fire Crystal Elemental Item 20 Obtainable from belagras .
Flaming Katana Armament 50
Full plate Full Plate Armament 60
Gauntlet Armament
Glass Stone 200 Uncommon
Granite Granite Stone 5 Required by: Tower , Temple , Dark Shrine , Market , Monster Hunter Guild , Treasure hunter guild , Mage Tower .
Greatsword Armament 60
Gold chain Gold Chain Treasure 20
Golden Compass Golden Compass Treasure 30

Obtainable from Belagras .

Can be exchanged for Golden Compass card.

Goblet Golden Goblet Treasure 30
Golden Ore Ore 10
Golem Staff Golem Staff Elemental Item 70

You know, because golems know magic!

Hourglass Hourglass Treasure 250 Uncommon
Insence Incense Sacred Item 10
Ironwood Ironwood Wood 10 Required by: Sawmill , Dark Shrine , Workshop .
Katana Katana Armament 30
Knight Shield Knight Shield Armament 30
Konpeito candy Konpeito Candy Food 5
Leather Leather Monster Part 2
Light crystal Light Crystal Sacred Item 20
Lightning crystal Lightning Crystal Elemental Item 20
Lightning rod Lightning Rod Elemental Item 70 Obtainable from Belagras .
Longbow Longbow Armament 50
Magic acorn Magic Acorn Elemental Item 5 Obtainable from Belagras .
Magic carpet Magic Carpet Elemental Item 60
Monk Robe Monk Robe Sacred Item 50
Necromancer amulet Necromancer Amulet Evil Item 50

Obtainable from Belagras .

Can be exchanged for Necromancer Amulet card.

Obsidian Stone 200 Uncommon
Pasta Pasta Food 5


Food 5
Ruby necklace Ruby necklace Treasure 500


Obtainable from Belagras .

Sacred leaf Sacred Leaf Sacred Item 10
Sandark salad. Sandark Salad Food 5
Shiny Scale Monster Part 50
Skull Skull Monster Part 10
Skull staff Skull Staff Evil Item 30
Spirit gem Spirit Gem Gem 20
Staff of Paralysis Staff of Paralysis Evil Item 60
Silver chain Silver Chain Treasure 10 Obtainable from caves.
Silver Ore Ore 5
Silver scale 1 Silver Scale Treasure 20 Obtainable from Belagras .
Silver sceptre Silver Sceptre Armament 50
Silver Staff Armament 50
Silver tiara Silver Tiara Treasure 15
Slate Slate Stone 10 Required by: Tower , Temple , Market , Monster Hunter Guild , Treasure hunter guild , Mage Tower .
Sinew Sinew Monster Part 10
Souldrinker Amulet Evil Item 100
Spirit gem Spirit Gem Gem 20
Taco1 Taco Food 5
Tentacle Tentacle Monster Part 100
Tail Tail Monster Part 5 Obtainable from Impor Camp
Teeth Teeth Monster Part 5
Toast Toast Food 5
Venom Monster Part 5
Void Crystal Elemental Item 800 Rare
Water crystal Water Crystal Elemental Item 20
White candle White Candle Sacred Item 10 Obtainable from hunt.
Wizard hat image Wizard Hat Elemental Item 50 Can be exchanged for wizard hat card.
Wood Wood Wood 5

Obtainable from forest.

Required by: Cottage , Farm , Market , Treasure hunter guild , Monster Hunter Guild , Sawmill .